Ring Road

Thank you for visiting our page – where music meets passion and creativity. We are a group of dedicated musicians and artists based in the Rotterdam erea in The Netherlands, and we’re on a mission to create something special that resonates with your heart and soul.

Who We Are

We’re not your average band, and we’re certainly not your everyday project. We are a talented group of individuals with a shared dream. Our team consists of Jan & Lineke Knetsch, Marco Knetsch, and Patrick Schouten, who are the creative masterminds behind the 12 original songs that will make up our upcoming album. Tom Pearce, our brilliant producer, will be guiding us on this musical journey, ensuring that every note is perfect.


The journey has only just begun. On June 9th, 2023, the team had an inspiring day in Rotterdam, Holland, visiting Rocktown Studios and Hotel New York. That was the start of this splendid experience.

Our Team

  • Project Leads: Jan & Lineke Knetsch
  • Producer: Tom Pearce
  • Songwriters: Jan Knetsch, Marco Knetsch, and Patrick Schouten
  • Band: Where did the ring go